5 Secrets to Be a Yogi

There are 5 secrets of Yoga – once you know these secrets, you can start your Yoga journey and become a Yogi or a Yogini. You will be able to unlock the infinite potential in you. You will get unseen treasures buried deep in yourself. These secrets and truths, if you do not know them, Yoga will become a cobweb of techniques. You will get stuck there with no progress. So, you must know these hidden truths.

Secret No. 1: No progress in Yoga can be made without purification of nerves 

Many people claim – “Yoga is not effective. What Yoga says aren’t true and Yoga just gives a bit of flexibility – that’s it, and nothing more.” Actually, these people aren’t wrong, they’re right. You cannot reach the Himalayals if you start walking in opposite direction. And even if you reach, as earth is round, it’s going to take a lot of time. Similarly, no progress in Yoga can be made in right direction, if you do not purify your nerves using the method of Nadi Shodhana. Nadi Shodhana purifies the nerves in your subtle body or Sukshma Sharira. These nerves are pathways or channels of Prana, the basic unit of energy. You should understand this – performing Yoga generates a lot of energy, but if these nerve pathways are blocked, this energy cannot reach at the right spots and, therefore, no benefit can be reaped. So, in order to unblock these energy channels, this technique of Nadi Shodhana is not only important, but necessary too. If you practice Nadi Shodhana twice a day for about 15 minutes, your nerve pathways will be unblocked in 3-4 months and then, you will be able to reap the immense benefits that Yoga has to offer. Your senses will become sharper and you will be healthier, and harshness of your voice will be reduced. Once it happens, you can ascertain that nerves in your subtle body are opening up. This is an open secret and if you do not know this secret, you cannot become a Yogi. In case, you do not know how to perform Nadi Shodhana, please watch my video on the same topic: Nadi Shodhana Yoga - Boost Your Brain Power.

Secret No. 2: Yoga isn’t gymnastics 

Yoga is not what most people think it is. It is NOT gymnastics. You can perhaps become a gymnast by getting into all sorts of weird poses, but you can never become a Yogi by doing all this. What some phony Gurus teach on the name of Yoga these days, that’s crap. Vinnyasa is absolute crap. But, I don’t mean that it’s of no use. It might be a good exercise, but it is NOT Yoga. Whether you like it or you do not, but the truth is – Vinnyasa has nothing to do with Yoga. Yoga has been developed by those who were enlightened and groups of several such people worked over thousands of years one after another to come up with single Yoga technique. This is how Yoga developed. But, these days so called Gurus create their brand of Yoga without understanding it. They even do not know basics of Yoga. Unfortunately, Vinnyasa is one such bluff. If you want to get a good workout, it’s fine. But if you think you’re doing anything related to Yoga, it isn’t. It doesn’t even come under the limb of Asana as per Yoga. So, on the path to be a Yogi or Yogini, it’s of no help. Do not get misled by all these so-called Yogas gurus. To tread the path of Yoga, you must practice “Yoga”.

Secret No. 3: Rhythmic breathing transforms you inside out 

You have immense potential, but it is yet to be explored. You have not tapped even a minuscule amount of your inner resources. Rhythmic breathing is the key that can help you unleash your hidden powers and lead you toward health, creativity, everlasting youth and self-realization. Breath is the bridge that connects body with mind. If you can breathe properly, you can control your body and mind. Our breathing is very haphazard. Yoga says – you should breath in a measured way, in and out. Join some mantra like Soham or Om while you breathe in and out. It’ll make your breathing more harmonious. The more your practice, the calmer you become. You will become full of energy, you’ll become healthy with a still mind and a healthy body, you will be prepared for advance techniques of Yoga to be a Yogi. If you want to know more about it, you can check out my blog-post on rhythmic breathing.

Secret No. 4: Meditation is True Yoga 

Why to meditate, hmm? Do you want good health? Do you want a vibrant, yet peaceful mind? Do you want to be stress-free? Do you want to explore the realms of your consciousness, the unseen treasures that you possess, but you know not – meditation is the key.

As per Yoga, meditation is complete attention without any flickering. Meditation, if practiced properly, prolongs attention span and transforms the quality of perception. It sharpens your intellect and balances your emotions. There are several different methods of meditation, but their core is same. Be a witness to any object, inner or outer, in your consciousness. This object can be anything – a Mantra or Chakra or stream of thoughts. Just observe it by paying your full attention and do not force your mind at all. Just be aware of wandering mind. By and by, the quality of your consciousness will be transformed. By and by, more and more of your subconscious mind will come under conscious control. By and by, you will realize that you are beyond body and mind. By and by, you will get transformed into something, for which Vedas say – neti, neti – it cannot be described using language, beyond limitations. Meditation is yoga, yoga is meditation.

Secret No. 5: Do it, do it, do it – this is the biggest secret 

Last, but not the least – A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – says Lao-tzu. Take that step and immerse in the ocean of Yoga to find peace, happiness, to find what can be found, to find you. It’s the first step, also the ultimate – Do it, do it, do it!!! – arise, awake and stop not, till the goal is reached. Om!!!

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